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iTManage Version 1.2
Maintain two or more iTunes libraries each with it's own preference settings.

iTManage allows the user to maintain two or more iTunes libraries each with it's own preference settings quickly and easily. More than one iPod? multiple windows user's? Large cluttered library? No problem with iTManage.

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Purchase a license or try it before you buy

A single user license costs $10(US) and can be purchased by clicking on the Buy Now button. Not sure if iTManage is what you're looking for? Give it a try for free by clicking the Free Trial button.



Please click the links below for screenshots of iTManage.

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

What iTManage Can Do For You

Read below how iTManage can improve your iTunes experience

  • Maintain two or more iTunes libraries
  • Copy an existing library
  • Automatically backup libraries
  • Each library contains it's own preference settings.
  • Perfect for multiple user computers

What's New

What's new in version 1.2 of iTManage

  • Updates to support iTunes version 9 and greater
  • User interface updates

What's new in version 1.0 of iTManage

  • Minor bug fixes.