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iTOrganize Version 1.0
Manage all directories in your iTunes library.

iTOrganize sets up an environment that allows the user to manipulate how and where the tracks used to populate their iTunes library are stored.  Using this environment, the user can organize, rearrange and build/consolidate their iTunes library without worrying about how iTunes will be affected. iTOrganize can also assist the user to find directories not included in your iTunes library and quickly add them. Furthermore, unwanted directories can be removed from iTunes or removed from iTunes and deleted permanently. The power of iTOrganize is unbeatable!

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Please click the links below for screenshots of iTOrganize.

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What iTOrganize Can Do For You

Read below how iTOrganize can improve your iTunes experience

  • Quickly and efficiently manage how and where tracks are stored in your iTunes library
  • Dramatically increases user flexibility in file organization
  • Allows the user to visualize how iTunes tracks are stored
  • Easily find and add tracks not allocated to your iTunes library
  • Easily clean-up your iTunes library
  • Never worry about creating 'dead tracks' or corrupting your iTunes library again!


What's New

What's new in version 1.0 of iTOrganize

  • Initial Release