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iTunes Super Playlist 1.0
Create iTunes Super Playlists

An iTunes Super Playlist expands the existing iTunes playlist functionality to include any library visible to iTunes including shared libraries! The user can build an unlimited number of Super Playlists by simply dragging and dropping the tracks and the Super Playlist tracks are played in order regardless of the source. The Super Playlist can be built without restriction or authentication and it's saved for later use. If you use iTunes and you're on a network with shared libraries you're going to love iTunes Super Playlist! No more remembering what songs you recently played and what shared library they came from, just drag and drop the songs into iTunes Super Playlist and it will do the rest.




Please click the links below for screenshots of iTunes Super Playlist.

Screenshot #1

What iTunes Super Playlist Can Do For You

Read below to see how iTunes Super Playlist can improve your iTunes experience.

  • Build playlists using shared libraries and local libraries
  • Play the Super Playlist tracks sequentially
  • No need to remember what track came from what shared library

What's New

What's new in version 1.0 of iTunes Super Playlist 

  • Initial Release